Carolyn and Company has been my beauty salon for 16 years. Ms. Carolyn has been my hair stylist for all of these years. She has taken real good care of my hair. I would recommend her to anyone. She knows hair and how to keep it healthy. She does an excellent job with nursing damaged hair back to health. She also does a wonderful job of color treating stubborn white hair. I started out as just her client but she has became a good friend as well.

Your Client,

It gives me great pleasure to share with others my wonderful experience with Carolyn & Company Hair Studio, I moved to Georgia from Chicago one of my main concerns was who is going to take of my hair? After leaving my hair stylist of 20 plus years in Chicago, I surfed the internet for beauty salon’s and Carolyn & Company caught my attention it was like God himself said this is the one I have chosen for you I called and made an appointment. When I walked in I was greeted so graciously, everyone was so nice and the atmosphere was so loving and very family orientated. Ms. Carolyn really takes pride into promoting healthy hair. When you leave Carolyn & Company Hair studio not only will your hair look fabulous but your body, spirit and soul will be fed as well. May God continue to bless Carolyn & Company Hair Studio and may they continue to be a blessing to the clients.

Jackie Wallace

I get my hair done at Carolyn’s. My stylist is Yvette. I have a standing appointment every Friday morning. Along with the friendly and welcoming atmosphere, I love the care and professionalism she shows for taking care of my hair. I get so many compliments on how good my hair always looks and everyone asks what color it is. I immediately give them her name and number to give her a call. I insist that they come check out the salon.

Bonita Seabolt

Cecelia has always exhibited great customer service and carried out tasks as a cosmetologist in a exceptional manner. She uses skills such as empathy and understanding when figuring out what her clients need from her whenever they come to see her.

C. Fowler

I have been coming to Cecelia for 28 years now and she does a wonderful job always. She is very professional and her work is spectacular. She is up on new hairstyles and colors. I love that when she does my hair it looks natural. My hair feels soft and it has lots of bounce. She is a great hairstylist and I have recommended her to friends and family and they love her as well. We say that she has ‘magic hands.’ If you come in with your hair all over your head, you are going to look gorgeous when you leave out. She will get your hair back healthy as well. What I love most about her is her honesty. She will tell you when something is not going to work. That shows me that she really cares about her client.

Thank you,
Kecia Banks

Cecelia is by far one of the best in the business! She makes me feel comfortable and is very patient with all of my hair desires! She has colored, cut, grown, conditioned, and maintained my hair for over 12 years! My hair is always healthy and she is very honest about what services I need to maintain my hair! I have tried so many different looks with her and I am always pleased with the outcome! You don’t have to wait all day, because she books appointments to get you in and out! The salon has WIFI and is clean and inviting! I would highly recommend Cecelia for any of your relaxed or natural hair care needs! She is truly gifted to do hair!

Destiny B. Sadler

Cecelia is a stylist with flair! She has expertise and tons of ideas. However, she will work with you to give you exactly what you want. My hair seems to like her better than it likes me. I’ve been a client for a very long time and she has kept my hair healthy through my heat addiction, my highlight phase and through a lot of stress. Let her knowledge make your hair as beautiful as it can be!

Leigh Haynes